This topic is not relevant. After I made the decision to make the decision to come back I joined two of my most beloved Pkers cc's RS Gold. A lot of people don't have a Cc. But until I joined one of my most inspirational Pkers, the one that got to me to become a range-pure. Yankin Deez, to whom I decided to donate 1mil in order to help another vide pker. Surprisingly, he's a pretty cool guy. He also added me to his list. It is mostly a guitarist who is a big fan of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is a good match for the band. Discuss.

Clans and clans are what I hear most often at work. In light of this, and also of our epic 'Clan Celebration Month', I've decided to start my own clan, but want to ensure that it's bigger, more bold and better than any clan that's ever existed. It's the best!

Here's where YOU come in. I'm in need of YOU! Everyone need to register to be a part of me. We can now begin stealing villages and pillaging Gielinor and shoving innocents around in search of gold. Alternatively, if that sounds a little aggressive, we can enslave other clans and get them to do the hard job for us.

Who's with me? Are you willing to join us in destroying the others? Let me know by leaving a message on the signup forum thread, to verify that you have been accepted into our clan. To be a part of the clan world we must have as many people possible Buy OSRS Fire Cape. When I say "make your mark" I'm referring to "stomp into the shadows".